Legacy Giving

Give the gift that lives on for generations to come – The Heritage Club and The August Lepori Endowment Trust

Become a Heritage Club Member.

The Heritage Club is an association of friends of Boys & Girls Clubs from all across the country. These are people who seek to ensure that the future needs of our nation’s youth are met by including their local Boys & Girls Clubs in their estate plans. Share your passion for youth and make a gift that has a lasting impact. Arrange your estate and life income plans to reflect your values, enhance your own financial position, and ensure the continued well-being of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marin and Petaluma. In so doing, you create a legacy that will be remembered forever.

Heritage Club Enrollment Form

You can transfer stock, real estate, cash, or other assets to provide Boys & Girls Clubs of Marin and Petaluma with support in perpetuity, with a designation to either general operating expenses, a specific program or Clubhouse or the August Lepori Endowment Trust. Consult your financial adviser or estate attorney, or call the development office at 415.767.2035.

Simple Bequest

The most common form of a Legacy Gift is a Simple Bequest made through a written will naming Boys & Girls Clubs of Marin and Petaluma as a full or partial beneficiary.

Life Insurance Beneficiary

An easy way to make a Legacy Gift is by naming Boys & Girls Clubs of Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Planned Gift Annuity

A Planned Gift Annuity will provide you with income and tax benefits. We are registered to offer this Legacy Gift option to supporters throughout the United States. Your financial advisor can outline the process and we will handle the documentation.

Charitable Trust

A Trust can reduce taxes, help your heirs avoid probate issues, and increase your income. Any individual can have an attorney create a simple trust that will maximize earnings and tax advantages and provides support for your favorite charity.

Real Estate

A gift of real property – your home or land – can be accepted following inspections and other required reviews.

Your support through a planned gift will ensure that future generations of our children will have the opportunity to live successful lives in a safe, positive and caring environment.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Marin and Petaluma is most grateful to the following members of the Heritage Club who have pledged gifts of lasting importance:

Richard and Alexandra (Sandy) Benson
Robert L. Buffum*
Mark Cordeiro
Victor A. and Stephanie Deksnys
Della Elizabeth Ely*
Claus & Pia Espe
Taylor Greenleaf

August Lepori*
Charles M. Pyfer III and Susan Lindstrom
Laurence Lusk Moore*
Kurt Schau
Michael F. and Sallie Tomasini
June L. Silva*