Downtown River Boys & Girls Club offers many National Programs for members. We serve members from Kindergarten through High School. We hold our members to a high expectation to become more productive, helpful and outstanding residents of our housing site community. At DRC we care for one another and are always being great team players. Plus, we are always helping each other out whether it is on learning a new game or on a homework assignment.

Downtown River Clubhouse has been a great asset to the community.  An activity in which this Club took part in, include joining other Eden Housing Sites at their National Night Out Event. This event is to help educate the community in how to take part in safe activities in our surroundings. It also helps us appreciate and create a working relationship with all members of the Petaluma Police and Fire Departments, as well as any other workers for the city.  A few members got lucky and won some school supplies and other items from the prize raffles hosted at this event. The event was a big success and the members are looking forward to next’s year event!