San Jose Clubhouse


About Our Program

6th-8th Grades After School Program

The San Jose Middle School Clubhouse is our most northern Clubhouse in Marin County. We proudly serve 60 students per day since 2014 and have a strong focus on our Leadership and Character Development Core Area with a very successful Torch Club Program. This site works closely with the school to promote Academic Success by providing a place for students to complete their school work and offers programs in our 5 Core Areas weekly.

Clubhouse Hours

Monday to Friday

School Dismissal- 6:00 pm

How to Register

To find out more about space availability and registration information, contact:

Nicole Harrington

Clubhouse News

Partner Spotlight – WBE Random Acts of Kindness

Leslie Murphy, CEO at W. Bradley Electric, Inc.’s commitment to philanthropy starts with part of WBE’s mission to “…make an impact on our local and regional societies. We strive to mentor, give

Location and Contact

San Jose Clubhouse

Sunset Parkway Novato, CA 94949

Site Director: MaryEllen Wernett