How do I register? You can register your child for a Boys and Girls Club Athletics program either online or in-person. To register online, please follow the link provided on the specific programs page. In-person registrations are typically held 1-2 months prior to the beginning of the program (please see specific programs page for registration dates). In-person registrants will need to complete a registration form and permission slip. These forms can be found HERE

I registered. What now?
Once the registration period is complete we begin gathering coaches, building rosters, practice schedules etc. We typically hold a coachs meeting 1-2 weeks prior to the season start date. You will be contacted by your head coach after this meeting. This is when you will receive your teams practice times.

My player has no experience in this sport.
Should I sign him/her up? Our leagues and clinics are open to players of all abilities. All coaches are trained on how to coach beginning players. Every player is to receive equal playing time regardless of skill level.

Do I qualify for a discount?
We offer sliding scale discounts up to 25% for families who qualify. This discount requires proof of income at time of registration such as W-2 or recent paystub. Please note that this discount is not available for online registration.

When are practices?
Practice times are randomly assigned. The only time constraint that can be taken into consideration is the head coachs availability. Unfortunately we cannot take specific practice time requests from each player. Typically each team will practice twice per week; one weekday afternoon/evening and one Saturday morning/early afternoon. (note: while the majority of teams follow this setup there are exceptions).

When are games?
Games typically start after 2-3 weeks of practices. A game schedule will be released 1-2 weeks prior to games beginning. Game times will differ from practice times, but will typically follow the same pattern (1 weekday meeting, 1 Saturday meeting).

My player wants to play with his/her friends. Is this possible?
Each player is allowed one player request with the exception of the 5th-8th grade basketball leagues. We do our best to meet these requests but they are not guaranteed.

I want my player to be on a specific coachs team. Is this possible?
Each player is allowed one coach request with the exception of the 5th-8th grade basketball leagues. We do our best to meet these requests but they are not guaranteed.

Are these programs co-ed?
All of our leagues and clinics are co-ed.

Will my family have to travel for games?
No. All of our practices and games are held in Petaluma.

Do I need to buy a uniform?
Jerseys are included in your registration fee. Shorts are not included and players are free to wear whatever they like.

What do I have to do to be a coach?
We are always in need of coaches! Coaches will need to fill out the appropriate coaches form prior to the season (preferably at the time of player registration). All coaches will need to attend a pre-season coaches meeting/training and complete a Livescan fingerprint background check. As a head coach, we can work with you to find the best possible practice time that works with your schedule and always do our best to provide you with an assistant coach.