S.T.A.R. Clubhouse
Serving Willow Creek and Bayside Elementary Students

Open Monday-Friday

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Welcome to S.T.A.R. Clubhouse

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The S.T.A.R. Clubhouse After-School Program provides youth with additional access to academic and enrichment instruction in a supportive learning environment. Our goal is to support students by reinforcing basic skills taught during the traditional school day to ensure youth gain the academic and social self-confidence necessary for success. Club Members participate in a variety of activities in which they can develop skills, build self-confidence, pursue interests, express themselves, and develop positive relationships with caring adults and their peers. Program activities focus on five core program areas: Health and Life Skills, Education and Career Development, The Arts, Leadership and Character Development, and Sports, Recreation, and Fitness.

S.T.A.R. Clubhouse offers academic and enrichment activities that are aligned with the Content Standards for California Public Schools. Program Success is measured according to three outcomes:
  • Helping youth establish a moral compass and increasing civic engagement
  • Fostering academic and career success
  • Increasing healthy lifestyles

S.T.A.R. Clubhouse offers Club Members several youth sports options. Students can participate in Flag Football, Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball. For more information on enrollment dates and fees please contact the Program Director, Robert Marcus, at 415-342-4116 or rmarcus@petalumabgc.org

1. What are some of the enrichment programs your site offers?
  • Bike Club-Students learn how biking helps the environment while learning to build and fix bikes.
  • Drama-Our drama program focuses on acting and theater.
  • Sports and Fitness-Indoor and outdoor sports play, fair play, and skill development.
  • Hip Hop Dance-Develops an understanding of hip hop choreography.
  • Painting and Drawing-Teaches students basic elements of Shape and Form.
  • Comic Book Club-Concept discussion and art.
  • Image Makers-Photography concepts and hands-on skill development.
  • Kidz Lit-Literacy enrichment program.
  • World Music- Exposes Club Members to music and culture from around the world.
  • Natural Science-Naturalistic approach to studying natures rules and laws.
  • Garden Club- Teaches Club Members garden techniques, including planting and harvesting crops.

2. When will I be notified that my student is enrolled in S.T.A.R. Clubhouse?

Notification of your student's enrollment or wait list status will be via phone call or letter by the end of the first week of school or the following day after the application has been processed. Students will receive their individual after-school orientation information during the first week of school.

3. When does S.T.A.R. Clubhouse begin?

The Club is open on the first day of school each year.

4. Do I have to reapply every semester?

No. When your student enrolled in S.T.A.R. Clubhouse they enrolled for the entire year. The program runs from August to June each school year.

5. Do I have to reapply every school year?

Yes. Each school year requires a new registration form. Last year's enrollment status does not affect this years enrollment status.

6. Does my child have to stay in the after-school program until 6:00pm?

No. The state of California funds the S.T.A.R. Clubhouse program through ASES (After School Education and Safety) funding. As a result, the CA Department of Education requires the program to abide by the "Early Release Policy." It is the intention, but not a requirement for students to attend the Club Monday-Friday from after school until we close at 6:00 PM. However, we understand that each family has varying circumstances. In order for S.T.A.R. Clubhouse to be in compliance with the CA Department of Education attendance requirements, it is imperative that parents/guardians indicate an early release code when they sign their child out early.

7. Why did my child get wait listed?

Students are wait listed if their registration forms are received after the program is at capacity.

8. But... my child was in the program last year?

The fact that the student is returning has no bearing on their enrollment.

9. How long will I be on the wait list?

Students will continue to be removed from the wait list based space availability. Students are removed from the wait list and enrolled in the program in the order that their registration forms were received.

Updated November 2012